Gorilla Glass

"Gorilla Glass is an environmentally friendly alkali-aluminosilicate thin-sheet glass. Elegant and lightweight, Gorilla Glass is durable enough to resist many real-world events that commonly cause glass failure, enabling exciting new applications in technology and design."

I find it fascinating, and sensible, that silicon, the basis of digital life, and carbon, the basis of biological life are chemically similar with valance 4.

Geoff Golner, a very good man, passed on a few days ago

From an email:

"Our dear friend Geoff Golner passed away yesterday. A memorial service is scheduled on Sunday, 20 Dec, at 11:00 AM, at Temple Beth El, in Berkeley. Please spread the word."

 Geoff was one of my favorite physics teachers, a kind, generous, patient and brilliant man. I remember clearly getting glimpses of vast expanses of infinite beauty and depth of reality from his lectures. It was like following an expert guide through beautiful mountain trails, enjoying the climb and the view and feeling completely safe and secure with your guide who was familiar with the trail. The biggest thrill was when he would pause for a moment and have us glance off the trail of traditional scientific knowledge to see it was but a thin path through the abyss of nature's infinite splendor.

Blessing to you Geoff on your journey through that beautiful, infinite abyss!


CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Comes on Line

Lots of quotes from John Ellis who I had the privilege of working with in my previous life as a physicist.


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