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especially when things seem overwhelming or difficult

Visual Studio Navigate Forward and Backward Buttons

I can't believe I've only now found this feature. This feature keeps track of places in the code as you open, navigate, use goto definition, use find references, and lets you go backward and forward to these places by clicking the button. How much time have I spent stumbled around trying to get to where I was in the code several steps back? Duh!!

The essence of evolving good systems

The essence of evolving good systems is discerning between information and tasks that require active human attention and those that don't: pulling those that do into the foreground, appropriately consolidated and organized; and pushing those that don't into an automated background. This is inherently a continuous, iterative, self-referral cycle.

Thanks and Thoughts for my 50th Birthday

Overwhelming gratitude tops my list: for people, an interesting life, and God. Others provide our best opportunity to know God, to transcend our individuality. Although in the world degrees of love exist, I’m glimpsing the truth of Love without degrees, intensely deep Love without distinction for time or space, when first met, distance nor frequency. As a parent, one loves each child uniquely but the truth of Love must be the same towards all. Dear Ryan’s recent departure highlights the timeless sacredness of every touch as the rebuttal to brutally insane, senseless termination of love in time.

Any regrets and guilt seem pointless. I’m determined to leave hate, attack, judgment, blame, defense and all harm behind. Clearly we’re not separate and what I do to you I do to myself and all humanity. The mind bending paradox of true forgiveness and Love necessitates none can truly harm or do you wrong, invincibility. Many clichés point toward this truth: all is well and wisely put; love is never having to say you’re sorry; walk a mile in another’s shoes; two wrongs don’t make a right. Any negative reaction to another’s actions is itself violence and therefore true ahimsa or forgiveness implies seeing no wrong, or sin, in others. It follows that one truly free, forgiven, sinless person and this state for everyone are identically dependent. These types of apparent paradoxes underlie my understanding of what the only Son of God means. The essential paradox is the reality of one timeless truth within the experience of the manifold world of space and time, the divine among us.

What’s the capacity of the human heart and attention? There’s about 10,000 minutes in a week, 10,080 to be exact. In time one could give no more than 10 minutes each to 1000 people during a week and well before 50 one desires much more to each towards many more. Yet measurement and degree of love is an illusion within time and true Love beyond time is likewise beyond measure and degree.

I’m resolved to be here now, timeless, in time. To be a man, responsible, without complaint. To see divine, sinless truth everywhere. To be grateful for every person, opportunity and challenge that comes. To Love, Give and Forgive without reservation. Thanks to God for your Loving inspiration.


demo of wysisyg tools plus tabs and accordion

this was done all from within the browser in ckeditor, no html!

tab1 header

 here is the content for tab1

accordian header and some content in the accordian


tab2 header

here is the tab2 content

accordian 2 header accordian2 content


tab3 header

 tab3 content with no accordian

LHC 3-sigma evidence for Higgs boson of 125GEV

About time!! 3-sigma doesn't prove it, but is a very good indication it is there. The Higgs boson is predicted by the standard model and is responsible for electroweak symmetry breaking and the fundamental particles becoming massive.


Klingon Software Release Process

"What is this talk of 'release'? Klingons do not make software 'releases'. Our software 'escapes' leaving a bloody trail of designers and quality assurance people in its wake." -- Klingon programmer.



NASA Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity Rover) Mission Animation [HDx1280]

There are still new frontiers that could completely change the rules of the game. Science fiction becomes fact.


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